Marching Band Training

Providing word class of training for school marching band and making highly qualified skilled instructor.

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Presentation skill

We provide extraordinary presentation and communication skills to our trainees for making them confident and great presenters in schools.

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Internship in school

We provide practical interaction to the trainees which is helping them to make confident and comfort during the placement.

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Training Theory

  • 1. Basic Fundamentals of Marching Bands –(a. Bagpipe Band b. Flute Band).
  • 2. Marching Band Instruments Details.
  • 3. Marching Band Uniforms & Accessories Details.
  • 3. How to Establish a School Marching Band and Training Methods.

Training Practical

  • 1. Bagpipe , Flute, Side Drum, Tenor Drum, Bass Drum, Leader Stick Demonstration.
  • 2. Repair and Maintenance of Marching Band Instruments.
  • 3. Co-Ordination between Marching Band Instruments.
  • 4. Marching Band Uniform wearing methods.
  • 5. Marching Training & Formations.
  • 6. Marching Band Instruments Distribution between School Children’s.
  • 7. School Band Awareness Program.
  • 8. Teaching Methods cum Class Controlling Activity.
  • 9. Band Assessment Program.
  • 10. Planning and Strategy for establishment of School Band.