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About MMTC

The Military Music Training Center is established for providing the training of School Marching Bands and creating Instructor for making them employable in the field of School Marching Band....

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Road Map to Success

  • Joining our Training Center

  • Do Complete Admission Process

  • Attend Training Sessions

  • Attend Presentation & Motivation Sessions

  • Give Exams and Complete Assignments

  • internship in schools

Become Military Music Teacher in six Months.

  • What is MMTC

    Military Music Training Center India’s First School Marching Band training center which is providing school marching band training to the youth of India for making them skilled professional and employable.

  • Vision

    Our main vision to spread the knowledge of Military Bands across the India and establish training centers in every state of India.

  • Mission

    To create a large number of employment and job opportunity in India and making Indian youth to skilled professional and financially independent..

Marching Bands

Bagpipe Marching Band

Senior Bagpipe Marching Band is very popular in Senior group, Children’s of class 6th to 9th are playing multiple types of instruments and learning life Skills through School Bands.


Flute Marching Band

Junior Flute Marching band is very popular in junior groups , children’s of class 1st to 6th are playing various types of instruments and learning life skills through school Bands.


Indian Military Band

Our Indian Military band is the pride of our nation and it’s a symbol of discipline. These band groups perform musical duties in Military Functions and being a part of Ceremonial functions like Re-Public Day and beating the Retreat Ceremony.